Thermometer Trivia

Our ovens reach 371 degrees to cook a pizza, and our freezers stay at a constant -18…Brrr! Think you know the temperature of every day objects and can mark them on our thermometer?

Family Picnic

Family picnics are always relaxing and fun, aren’t they…? Well, ever tried to organise one for everyone?! Have a go at our brain teaser and see how you do!

Pizza Puzzle

Try our Piccolo recipes for yourself and enjoy a food-based quiz here!

Foodie Fractions

From colouring to crafts, let’s have some fun, and see how creative you can be…

Balance the scales

Running a restaurant uses a lot of number skills – adding up a bill, measuring ingredients and using weights. Reckon you’ve got what it takes?

Calculate the Bill

A party – and a chance to make pizza? Sounds amazing! Kids will have heaps of fun with friends and getting hands-on with food. Contact us using the form to make an enquiry.