Piccolo Dough Ball Recipe

First created by Pizzaiolo’s as a snack from offcuts of dough over 50 years ago, today it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Have a go at being a Piccolo Pizzaiolo and make these tasty treats at home.

Piccolo Margherita Recipe

The simple classic.The show stopper. The base for all great pizza masterpieces. Test your skills and have a try at making your own Piccolo Margherita at home.

Let's get quizzical

Got a family quiz evening to plan for? Challenge your taste buds with our fun food quiz. Who will come out head chef with this quiz that will challenge all ages, and taste enthusiasts?

Dough Flare Tutorial

Fancy yourself as the perfect Piccolo Pizzaiolo? Our Food Development Chef, Antenor has put together this tutorial to teach you how to flare like a professional. Have a go and share with us at #PiccoloPizzaiolo