10 Feb, 2022

Support a local cause… with a local pizza

Making sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the good mood food we make with so much passion, has always been a priority; which is why recreating some of our signature dishes with a plant-based twist was so important to us.

This daringly new menu had to be worthy of the Pizza Express name, so we made sure every dish on it, was just as tasty and satisfying as the main menu you already knew and loved. Our success is almost immediately. Driven by our carefully crafted 100% plant-based mozzarella, our vegan options oozed with the texture and decadent flavours that we first built our reputation on, even though it was now… 100% dairy-free.

Creating delicious plant-based cheese is no easy feat, so we used this crowning achievement to reinvent some of our most classic dishes like the Margherita, Giardiniera and Padana pizzas, made with both our classic Napolitano base, and the famously under 600-calorie Leggera.

Our vegan mozzarella is also used in our popular Vegan Pomodoro pasta, while our specially made dairy-free garlic butter, also makes it pleasantly possible for us to offer a vegan take on our signature Dough balls and bruschettas.

Whether vegan food is a lifestyle choice, an earnest attempt to add some more veg to your weekly intake, an effort to tame an intolerance or simply a spontaneous decision to try something new, we invite you to fuel up on plant power with selections from our all-vegan, menu, which is, now not-so-surprisingly, in very high demand!