8 Feb, 2022

Support a local cause… with a local pizza

At Pizza Express, we focus on expressing our appreciation for life and love with the food we create and the positive vibes we nurture through our restaurants, staff, service and activities.  For us, serving the community has always been just as important, as serving you. And as always, we are committed to doing it to the best of our capacity. 

Our latest community-service effort involves the much-needed financial support of a local cause that is very close to our hearts, with a little help from our very own… local pizza.

Inspired by traditional flavours of Cyprus, our Cipriota pizza now does much more than simply provide sumptuously nostalgic slices of goodness to its many fans, as we donate a significant part of the proceeds from each one we sell, to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. 

By ordering this popular classic, for dine-in, take-away and delivery, you help contribute to the vital work of this important charity organisation, that has been caring for people with cancer for over 50 years, through a complete range of palliative care services, in line with European and international guidelines.

The entire Pizza Express team, both in Limassol and Paphos are extremely grateful to the ever-committed professionals and volunteers of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, for all they do to support patients and their families while informing the public about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and relief. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to all our customers who have and will continue to stand by our side, as we do our best to assist and support organisations and individuals who are dedicated to creating lasting positive change by pursuing the greater good to better the community we all share.

The activity takes place in accordance with the provisions of the Cyprus Republic’s Fundraising Law of 2014 and the relevant Fundraising License (Ν.Π. 80/2021) issued by the Ministry of Interior for the period 01/01/2022-30/06/2022.